Monday, 10 March 2014

The End Of Capitalism?

        With the recent and pending “crises” in capitalism there is a lot of talk about “the end of capitalism”. I for one don't think capitalism will simply collapse, and that will be that. Crises will come and go and capitalism will continue doing what it always does, and does very well, shifting wealth and power from the many to the few, it will continue its attempt at perpetual growth. It might take a couple of steps back, it might change pace and or direction, but it will continue making the very rich, richer. Capitalism will don't destroy itself from within. It is not just an economic system, it is a state of consciousness, and although across the planet, more and more people are seeing the injustice in the system and are displaying their anger in various ways, it has to go beyond that. The anger has not simply to call for change, not just to appeal for a fairer distribution of resources, or an end to corruption, there has to be a revolution of consciousness among the people. We have to create that new world “beyond capitalism” in our heads and then translate it into a reality. Only when enough of us finally decide that we have had enough of capitalism, only when enough of us enter that new consciousness of a profit free world, and see the world differently, will we see the end of capitalism. Then we can place it in the dustbin of history and enter that new world of socialism. 

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