Thursday, 20 March 2014

Austerity Is State Murder.

       I don't think it can be emphasised enough the murderous effects “austerity” has on the ordinary people. As the millionaire cabal talk of tough decisions and tightening belts around their over fed bellies, to the vast majority that means a deterioration in their health. It means cold homes in winter, and kids being deprived of decent meals, therefore jeopardising their future health. It can, and does, also mean stress and deteriorating mental health, and in many cases suicide, as the task of surviving at a decent level becomes impossible. All this is heaped on a population at the dictate of a wealthy elite who are immune to the ravages of that “austerity”. What is more the reasoning behind this policy of “austerity” is supposed to be for “our” benefit, to bring us prosperity, pie-in-the-sky, in some distant future, when in actual fact all we are doing is suffering poverty and all its vile manifestations, in an attempt to recoup the gambling losses of the financial Mafia.
         Every cut in the social welfare is a step towards deprivation, and to some, a step towards an early grave. “Austerity” is a cull on the working class, every deterioration in living conditions is avoidable. Poverty, mental and physical health problems are not accidents, they are the direct result of deliberate policies carried out by an extremely wealthy bunch of self-interested, greed parasites, they are fully aware of the effects, but care not a jot. As long as they are in power, they will do nothing that might jeopardise their own wealth and power, we will always be used to further their wealth and power. Of course there is an alternative, put the ordinary people in power, and let them shape society to the benefit of all our people.

Greece: On the rise of suicides, interview with Stelios Stylianidis

This from Xpressed:
4 additional observations complement the answer to your question:
a) We have an impressive 36% growth of suicide attempts from 2009 to 2011 and a statistically significant relationship between economic hardship (poverty, unemployment, inability to find financial resources for survival) and suicidality in overall population.
b) In our country, due to religious beliefs and the culture of orthodox Christianity (as well as the ‘indirect’ suicides caused in the context of road accidents), there is a strong bias against families declaring suicide as the cause of a sudden death of one of their members (for reasons of being able to hold a religious ceremony).
c) Requests for psychological help that the telephone help lines receive for depression and suicides have increased in recent years by an average of 27% (UMHRI,2010).
d) Furthermore, according to Stuckler (2009), at European level, 1% increase in unemployment is associated with a 0.79% rise in suicides, at ages less than 65 years and every 3% increase in unemployment is associated with a 4.45% increase of suicides.
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