Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Grandama Is On The Picket.

       In this country there is a tendency for people of different groups to think of their problems are the problems of that particular group. pensions and raising the pension age, is the problem of the older people, unemployment among the young is a problem for the young, the disabled being crucified by ATOS is a problem for that group, and workfare is a problem for those on jobseekers allowance, and so it goes on. However, in reality all these problems are all our problems, in this society employed can quickly become unemployed, able-bodied can quickly become disabled, and we all grow old. Pensioners should stand in line with young unemployed, employed should support those on the abusive workfare programs, pensioners and unemployed should be on the anti-ATOS pickets. After all, parents struggled hard to give their kids a decent life, workers paid dearly for a system that would take good care of those unable to work, for whatever reason, pensions and the pension age, were fought and paid for by ordinary workers. All of the meager benefits that we get in this society were paid in full, and more, by the ordinary people of this country. Having paid for them with blood, sweat and tears, the financial Mafia have decided to strip them all away. For nothing more than an ideology of greed and exploitation.
     The problem is not ATOS, it is not workfare, it is not unemployment, it is not working until you drop, nor is it carp pensions. The real and only problem is the system itself, capitalism.
      It is encouraging to see in Spain that the pensioners are getting the big picture and realise that the entire benefits of a working life to help secure your kids future, is now going down the tubes, for no other reason than greed. and they are joining the fight with the young.
Another interesting article from Xpressed:

        “We are the generation that has fought to achieve a better life for our children. Right now, they are toying with the futures of our children and grandchildren… We stand by them in spirit, at the local assemblies and at all their activities. If they condescendingly call these people “Perroflautas” (hobos) to diminish their audacity, then let them call us “Iaioflautas” (from the spanish yayo, which means grandpa)”.
       The Iaioflautas support the young in their fight for democracy and social justice, “against the bankers and their accomplices the politicians”. They combat the rampant speculation, the cut-backs, the privatisation, and the mutualising of the losses, like saving banks with public money. They also support the PAH and all those who have been thrown out of their homes for mortgage debts. They are to be found in 11 cities, 4 of them in Catalonia, and are active on both facebook and twitter.
      On October 27, 2011, the Iaioflautas occupied their first bank, Banco Santander in Barcelona.
 This particular bank was picked as a starting point for the day of actions against banks because its director, Mr. Botin, denoted that the banks are the doubtless winners of the economical crisis. This man has a personal fortune of about 1,7 Billion Euro. This was just the beginning of a campaign to occupy banks (i.e. La Caixa in Badalona), through which they still protest against the bankers and the financial oligarchy, who “ruin the lives of 99% of people”.
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