Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Snooping Society.

       Facebook, that friendly social network, that handy tool to arrange get-togethers, an easy way to keep in touch! Well we should always be alive to the fact that it is a segment of the Big Brother surveillance society. It notes your ever key-push, whether you want it to be known or not. In this society there is, "virtually" no place to hid, delete it, too late, it has been recorded.
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      We spend a lot of time debating what to post on Facebook. We type out a message, then we rewrite it. Sometimes we erase it all together. 
      But the code that powers Facebook has been recording everything we type on screen, even if we don't hit publish — and it wants to know why we aren't sharing.
    Turns out, Facebook has been monitoring, tracking and interpreting our unposted notes, comments and statuses this entire time, using even what we don't say as metadata to pass on to spy agencies like the NSA or advertisers from Groupon to Mastercard. 
     Choosing not to share is supposed to be what little still protects us from governments and corporations that can hack our emails, bug our phones and turn on our webcams without our knowledge.Please, join us in demanding Facebook stop logging and storing this data, and start protecting our right not to publish!
      Respect our right to remain private, and stop storing information about what we type in drafts for Facebook comments, notes and statuses to share with spies and sellers.
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