Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Are We Loking At WW3?

      The American war party is on the march, their aim, war with Russia, as usual, Europe will be the battlefield, not America. How do you stop the hawks from devouring the doves, it is the eternal struggle and requires the mobilisation of all the people in all the countries. War is never to the advantage of, nor does it benefit, the people, it is always a battle of power mongers for control of resources, territory and markets, it is always for the defence of those warmongering power moguls. In wars, the people gain nothing, the rich and powerful cement their position, and we the people pay for that in blood.

Dark malefic clouds crowd the sky
winds carry the stench of carrion to every nostril,
the crazy ape has followed the faculty of hawks.
All around stand crows, magpies, jackdaws, vultures,
edacious eyes anticipating their putrid feast.
A weary Cassandra laments;
doves, hearts weeping for a better yesterday
forsake their olive branches.

     February 6, 2015 -- Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal -- The Kyiv and NATO-driven civil war in Ukraine is taking new and dangerous turns. The United States is threatening to significantly increase its military support to Kyiv's army and the extreme-right militias allied with it, notably in the form of advanced heavy weapons, including artillery systems and anti-tank weaponry. The NATO countries as a whole are increasing their military presence in eastern Europe, including creating rapid-deployment infantry bases.
      Increased sanctions against Russia are also on the agenda, although Russia's capacity to withstand sanctions as well as the harmful consequences of sanctions on European countries are cooling the enthusiasm for more sanctions and propelling parallel, military options.
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