Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Cages For People.

Korydallos Prison Hospital, Greece.

        Prisons in Greece are probably the worst in Europe, the prison hospital is more or less a death camp, from totally inadequate, to non existent care, is the norm. To die in prison because of lack of medical care is a crime, and those responsible must be held to account. Locking people in cages is unacceptable in any modern so-called civilised society.
Domokos Prison Greece.

        From 325 - Statement of prisoners
 in Wing E1, C Type jail of Domokos (Greece)
     We, the prisoners, who live and die like animals in these prisons – warehouses of humans, are denouncing those who created these prisons, first of all the former Minister Athanasiou, as responsible. These proper ones have spent huge amounts, especially for electronic surveillance and exterior security by over-equipped special police forces, however they are criminally indifferent to our life and health. Also, they ignore their own laws, prison codes and internal adjustments, which provide to ensure the medical and pharmaceutical care for prisoners.
     So, in Domokos prison there are no doctors, neither nurses nor even social service. Therefore, in the Greek legislation there may not exist a death penalty, but in Greek prisons that penalty is imposed in practice.
     Today, in the morning, at 4:00 a.m., another fellow inmate was lost, Mexas Alcibiades, 52 years old in D2 wing. Since 12 at noon, yesterday, he was requesting for a doctor, a doctor who we never had in this prison.
     For this death, which could have been avoided, we consider those responsible, except from the political leadership of the Ministry, the manager Kostara Th., also the prosecutor Theologiti, for the non-timely transportation to the hospital. This death comes to be added to a long list of dead prisoners, with recent the death of Galanis Manolis, also from the wing D2, two months ago.
     We urge the Justice Minister, Nikos Paraskevopoulos, to be committed in public, that there will be 24 hour medical coverage of the prison. Also, we call him to visit himself the prisons to see their tragic and criminal deficiencies.
      Until then, we declare that we refuse to enter the cells and get the rations of the prison.
All prisoners of Wing E1
Vasileios Varelas
Kostas Gournas
Mohammed Eltsimpah
Dimitris Koufontinas
Nikos Maziotis
Alexandros Makadasidis
Alexandros Meletis
Konstantinos Meletis
Merkoyri Ramadan
Giannis Naxakis
Georgios Sofianidhs
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