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Little Soldiers.

          Assemble, in neat rows, march forward in straight lines, and so you start a life of obedience at school. The state has always seen schools as a way of controlling people, rather than enlightening them. Militarism in our schools is not a new phenomenon, however, it is on the increase. While condemning "boy soldiers" in foreign lands, we train them here in this country. This government has seized upon the brutal imperialist squabble of 1914/18 as another chance to glorify war and increase militarism in our schools. That product of the Oxbridge sausage making machine, ex-Education Secretary, Michael Gove, was all for military drilling in schools. He had that mix that is common among the upper class parasites, military and religion. while advocating more military style training in schools, he also wanted every school in England to be presented with a King James Bible. After all they want God's blessing before they slaughter our fellow humans.

    The UK Education Secretary's announcement of a £2 million programme to place former service personnel in British schools has been roundly criticised by faith and civic groups and individuals.
    Michael Gove declared: “Every child can benefit from a military ethos. Self-discipline and teamwork are at the heart of what makes our armed forces the best in the world - and are exactly what all young people need to succeed. ”
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         Of course we should not tolerate any form of militarism in the education of our children, the opposite is surely the way to help to build a society free from the horrors of war. However, sadly it has been the aim of governments across the globe to indoctrinate our children in preparation for the defence of our lords and masters.
     This is what German pacifist Kurt Tucholsky wrote in an article titled “On effective pacifism”, published in 1927. More than 80 years later, the militarists are still sowing. The presence of the military in schools is only the most outrageous example of the sowing and planting of militarist values into the minds of children and soon-to-be soldiers, or supporters of militarism and war. It is the most outrageous, because on the one hand schools should be about learning positive values and knowledge, and not about propaganda, and on the other hand children are most vulnerable to propaganda and indoctrination.
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      This insidious linking of the education of our children with militarism is solely for the protection of the state and the powers that control that state. it will only be stopped when we get rid of the state. In the meantime, we should be exposing this link, and campaigning to have it removed. That indoctrination of our children has always been there, it wanes and rises, to day it is on the rise again.

      Militarism surfaced again in 1930 when [the writer and journalist] John Langdon-Davies commented with disapproval: "In parliament, to which belongs the ultimate authority over education, there has been a significant movement in favour of a definite military training as part of the curriculum." He added: "We must guard against militarism in education because it aims not at the child's good but at the state's good - and that in a very short-sighted way - and because it atrophies individuality by every means in its power."
The same criticism can be levied against governments today...
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