Friday, 6 February 2015

Big Brother Lives In Glasgow.

Is this what you pay your taxes for?
       CCTV cameras in Glasgow City Centre are now linked to a central operations room where ‘emotional recognition’ software identifies the name and mood of pedestrians, including demonstrators, and can then link the person on the camera with social media postings, phone calls,
emails, police records, and more. Details are not being made public, but the UK Government may have paid as much as £24m to install this sinister surveillance system from Israeli company, NICE Systems. As with Thatcher’s poll tax, the Cameron Government is piloting the NICE surveillance system only in Scotland, in Glasgow.
      Israeli Army Brigadier General Elkabetz told an audience of potential customers for Israel’s surveillance technology: “We have learned lots from Gaza. It’s a great laboratory.” Glasgow is now also a laboratory for Elkabetz’ latest goods; we are the guinea pigs to test technology that was developed by the Israeli military to carry out, according to Amnesty International, ‘crimes against humanity’ in Palestine.
      There has been no debate in the Council on a system of oversight of this technology. NICE Systems Vice-President told Glasgow City Council that they “look forward to a continued partnership with the city of Glasgow...fully utilizing the capabilities that NICE Situator can provide.” £24m for intensified surveillance at a time of rising demand for food banks and cuts to basic services
Go to to send a letter quickly and easily to all your councillors to demand a public discussion of the NICE contract, not just in Glasgow but other Councils before they also sign up with no public discussion. -
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  1. If we let them, they will transform the world into a high-security prison. As usual, they will argue the creation of jobs, the security (fear) etc, which is like saying "build your own scaffold".

    1. The general population seem to be sleep walking in to a maximum security prison, will they wake up before the door slams shut?