Wednesday, 4 February 2015

We Can Withdraw Our Consent.


      The state at first glance, holds all the power, it has the best of repressive gear, it has all the organised institutions of repression, but we should never forget we have the numbers and the solidarity. We are only governable by consent, we can at any time, withdraw that consent. The state is aware of this situation, hence its attack on those most vociferous in the demands for freedom from that state. Anarchist don't hide their intentions, to work towards a life free from the burden and repression of the state. Hence the state's attack on those of that ilk. Who will be next?
February 6th, a date for your calendar:
Invited by Jacque Swartz
Solidarity Protest
MEET: Spanish Consulate, 63 North Castle St, Edinburgh EH2 3LJ FRIDAY 6 Feb – FROM 12:00noon

[see also: Sun 8 Feb 7pm - Film showing - 'Cuitat Morta' [Dead City] (documentary) at The Banshee Labyrinth, EH1 1LG]
by ‘operación Pandora’ in Spain

      ‘Un movimiento que olvida a sus presos está condenado a la derrota’
‘A movement that forgets its prisoners is doomed to defeat’

     On 16/12/2014 Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalan “independent” police ‘squaddies’) stormed 14 homes and social centers in Barcelona and Madrid, destroying or stealing everything of value. Without concrete accusations and with the greatest secrecy, 11 anarchists (7 women and 4 men) were sent to a High Court in Madrid. 4 were released two days later with charges - and 7 stayed in prison until they were eventually released on extortionate bail of €3000 each on 30/01/2015, one is a member of the CNT-AIT Union. The anarchists continue to endure harassment, charges and secretive Court proceedings because of their criticism and opposition to capitalism and the state.

Edinburgh Solidarity Federation, c/o ACE, 17 West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh EH5 7HA | |

International Workers’ Association, Targowa 22 lokal 27 a03-731 Warszawa, POLSKA | |

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