Saturday, 28 February 2015

Workers Know Your History, Tom Anderson.

        A wee poem from the past. Written by Tom Anderson, born Pollokshaws 1863, died 1947. He founded the first Socialist Sunday School, 1894, and in 1897 formed the South Side Socialist Sunday School. As well as a revolutionary socialist, he was a song writer and poet.
The Revolutionist

“We fear not their law, nor yet their great men;
We fear not their prisons or blood-gallows pen;
We fear nor their priests, or parsons, or their spies;
We fear not their land away up in the skies.
We laugh at their army, and navy, and king;
We laugh at the god to whom these thieves sing.
We laugh, and in earnest we strive for the day
We wipe out the tyrants who do our class slay.”
Tom Anderson
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