Saturday, 14 February 2015

May Day Of Yester Year.

May Day 1962.
        With May Day on the horizon, I was flicking through some old papers and cuttings, and came across this one. I can't pinpoint the date, but the speakers should give us the era.
 A sea of bunnits, May Day Glasgow 1913.

                    On Sunday, April 27, the Glasgow Anarchist Communist Group held a meeting at the bottom of Buchanan street; comrades Angus McKay and Porter spoke to a large audience. On May 4, we joined the Labour Day demonstration. It was one of the worst of days from the weather standpoint. The procession started amidst a heavy downpour of rain, with thunder and lightening. Ten thousand marched to Glasgow Green, drenched; there would have been thirty thousand had it been a fine day. Glasgow has taken its May Day seriously; it was a day out for the Reds. No less than 135 Labour and Socialist organisations were represented. It was inspiring, and showed the people are awakening. We had nearly a thousand round our platform; our comrades Angus McKay, Leckie, Porter, Howie, and others were speakers. There was a good sale of literature. This summer we intend to have a vigorous campaign in and around Glasgow.
A. B. Howie, Secretary.
Who were these comrades, and how do we tell and record their story, after all, it's our history?

Something a wee bit more modern.


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