Saturday, 14 February 2015

Human Robots.

     After reading about Glasgow City Council's new experimental,  super, secret, Israeli created, surveillance system, with "emotional recognition" software, it should come as no surprise, when learning of this latest mad scientist idea.  
       According to the corporate world, when you work for a company, they own you. A new move down that slave ownership road is being pioneered by a Swedish company who have decided that it is much more efficient to put a chip in your workers body, in this case the hand. This would allow the worker to enter the building, and access it facilities, computers, scanners etc., no ID card no password, just you company inserted chip. The “benefits” are limitless, the chips can be traced and monitored, when you are at your desk and when your are not, how long you spent in the toilet, and so on. They are hoping to be able to let you pay for your meals at the works canteen by flashing your hand. This of course would mean much more of your personal information being implanted in the chip.
      Of course when you leave the building, the chip goes with you. Once inserted, the technology is there, you could be monitored as you go about your normal everyday affairs. and do you think the state will miss that opportunity. This takes Orwellian society to a much higher level, big brother in your home. Roll this out widespread and we become an army of controlled robots. However, our corporate bosses and our political lords and masters, see this as highly efficient, and having unimaginable “benefits”, for who?
      Just another example of how this corporate world, controlled by the financial Mafia, and administered by their puppets, the state apparatus, is devoid of any human empathy, and seeks only total control, to aid profit and power.
 This from The Independent:
       A new Swedish office block is implanting the workers inside of it with computer chips under their skin, rather than issuing them with ID cards.
      The small radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips are pushed under the skin in the hand, and can then be used to open doors or use the photocopier.
       The chips have been offered to the 400 people that have signed up to the Epicenter hi-tech office block in Sweden. That now includes the BBC’s technology reporter Rory Cellan-Jones, who said that when a tattooist put it in there “was a moment of pain - not much worse than any injection - and then he stuck a plaster over my hand”.
     Those behind the chips hope that they will eventually become common enough to be used to pay for sandwiches in the canteen, or even replace passwords and PINs to get into computers. They can also be programmed to hold contact information and communicate with smartphone apps.---------
     -------Hannes Sjoblad, who is chief disruption officer at the office development, told the BBC: “We want to be able to understand this technology before big corporates and big government come to us and say everyone should get chipped — the tax authority chip, the Google or Facebook chip."
      Sjoblad has his electronic business card built into the chip, which others can then access using their smartphones.
    The whole office will be internet-enabled — its building management will be run through Microsoft’s “internet of things” technology. That will tell facilities management when a plant needs watering or a meeting room needs emptying, all through connected appliances and sensors.
     Epicenter is a “members-only workplace collective and innovation hub”, which promises to pioneer new ways of working. It has been built by Swedish property company AMF Fastigheter, and has members including Microsoft.
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