Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Follow My Leader.

      Do you need a leader to get on with your daily life and sort things out? You'll probably answer a definite NO, why then do the people need a leader? Single we can do fine, but collectively we must have somebody to tell us what to do!! The people know when they hurt, and the people will have to sort out what to do about it, and I'm sure they can, and will do admirably. Your voice is the one that counts.
surreal hands clapping
This from Act For Freedom Now:
      One day it suits them for the workers to keep quiet and think only of voting them into parliament and local councils and they preach against violence, against the insurrectionist illusion in favour of slow, gradual, safe, evolution, for the legal conquest of public authorities.
     Then come the beatings, the arsons, the fascist murders to show even the blind that you get nowhere with legality, because even if it has been beneficial to the oppressed in some cases, the oppressors have no qualms about violating it and substituting it with the most atrocious violence. But our good socialists are rushing to prevent workers from responding to provocation, extolling ” heroic patience.”
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