Thursday, 12 February 2015

Awards For Scum-bags.

      What type of society honours those who evict people from their homes, hands out awards to people who pressurise individuals shackled by debt, and to poor to pay? What type of scum-bag would want to turn up to be honoured in such a way, at the same time paying £4,000 for a seat at a table surrounded by this form of low life?
     In this system of festering economic corruption, we have the perverse Oxbridge millionaire henchmen of the financial Mafia, extolling family values and fairness, while pushing through legislation that drives ordinary people deep into the mire of poverty and deprivation, creating homelessness. low wages and unemployment, and then turning their enforcers into heroes, hence the “Credit Awards” for putrid scum-bags.
    Those lauded in this type of society are the greed infested banksters, corporate bosses, who abuse people with zero hours contracts, and slave labour workfare, the blood drenched military, with their tales of conquest, which translates into the killing of ordinary innocent people in foreign lands. Those exploited, abused and vilified, are the ordinary people, the ones who create everything around us, from the spoon at the £4,000 dinner table, the railway, carrying goods and people, to the boiler that heats the house, and the shoes on our feet. Without us the ordinary people, these parasite squids would be naked, why do we tolerate this situation?

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  1. Unconsciously, most people keep giving politicians a kind of dignity that they lost long ago. The most obvious proof is that they vote for them. Nevertheless, for the sake of the Greeks and all of us, let's hope that the new Greek government will not disappoint the hopes placed in it.

    1. My hope as far as Greece is concerned is tinged with despair, as I think the financial Mafia will stomp on them, forcing compromise after compromise until it turns the people against Syriza. Perhaps if Spain and Italy followed Syriza, then we might see a change in the balance of power.

    2. The Spanish people are working out for themselves how to get rid of a corrupt élite and put an end to neoliberalism and austerity. As Pablo Iglesias, the leader of Podemos, said at the rally on 31 January: ‘Today we dream. And we take our dreams seriously.’

    3. Our Dreams are tomorrow's reality.