Sunday, 15 February 2015

We Are Drowning In Shit.

       When I started scribbling little pieces for this blog, a number of years ago, I had to search around for something, that might catch the eye. Some little bit of fiddling in high places, some corporate bullying, or whatever. Now however, the difficulty is working through the avalanche of shit that keeps pour over us. Everywhere you look, corruption at every turn, duplicitous statements, proxy wars, paedophilia in high places, corporate shredding of working conditions, slave labour workfare, millionaires slashing the standard of living of the poor, Millionaires of business and state, stashing their ill-gotten gains in secret bank accounts to avoid tax, politicians with business interests in health companies, voting on how to sell of parts of the NHS. And so it goes on, as arrogant parasite Lord Fink says, everybody does it. To the average citizen the stench emanating from this pile of shit we call capitalist society, is now overpowering. The wealthy are so wealthy, that their arrogance overpowers their caution, and they openly and blatantly stitch us up at ever turn, knowing they are immune, as the powers that be, our lords and masters, legislators in that temple of decadence, The Westminster House of Hypocrisy and Corruption, are in their club. 
        Anybody that thinks the HSBC affair is something out of the ordinary, is naive in the extreme. It just happens to be the biggest one yet to be made public. Banks fiddle, it's what the financial Mafia does, that's business, remember Leham Brothers, among others, then the libor fixing, that involved all the big boys, in a nudge-nudge, nodding and winking, as they ripped of millions at the touch of a button. As I said, banksters are fiddling gamblers, who help the richest parasites to steal by tax avoidance, and stash their plunder in secret little boxes, away from the prying eyes of you and me. What is more, they know they are safe from prosecution, as those who make the laws, are among the parasites they help with their filthy loot. Ah, the wonders of capitalism.

       This week it was revealed that HSBC — Europe’s biggest bank — has been actively running and propagating a massive tax evasion scheme through its Swiss subsidiary, allowing some of its wealthiest international clients to hide over $120bn in undeclared assets in 30.000 secret Swiss bank accounts. Leading British regulators, MPs and government officials were aware of the malpractices and the names of potential tax evaders (including movie stars, drug lords and heads of state), but never pressed criminal charges.
       Instead, the UK — like the rest of Europe — ushered in an age of austerity. Where the billions of the rich escaped to Switzerland and the Caymans, the benefits of the poor were cut “to balance the budget.” Last year, David Cameron pledged to slash “wasteful” public spending for another decade, as it “comes out of the pockets of the same taxpayers whose living standards we want to see improve.” The irony of the Prime Minister speaking from a golden throne was hardly lost on anyone. Welcome to the topsy-turvy reality of austerity politics.
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  1. I no longer find words to describe my deep nausea.
    Europe has become the private hunting of the oligarchy. We are the pieces to beat.

    1. The more the people become aware of the blatant greed and corruption of the parasite class, the sooner they will decide they have had enough of being plunder and abused.