Wednesday, 18 February 2015

At Strife,---Still!

    David Edelstadt, 1866 - 1892, Russian born anarchist, immigrated to America aged 15, he was deeply involved in developing the anarchist movement in New York. An activist and excellent poet, he died at the age of 26 from tuberculosis. The sentiments in his poetry still apply today, the same struggle that he immersed himself in, is still exploiting, killing and repressing people today. When will we ever learn.
      These are the last three verses from his poem

To liberate the poor and the enslaved
Who suffer now from cold and hunger's blight,
And to create for all humanity
A world that shall be free, that shall be bright;

A world where tears no longer shall be shed,
A world where guiltless blood no more shall flow,
And men and women, like clear-shining stars,
With courage and with love shall be aglow.

You may destroy us, tyrants! 'Twill be vain.
Time will bring on new fighters strong as we;
For we shall battle ever, on and on,
Nor cease to strive till all the world is free!
David Edelstadt
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