Saturday, 7 February 2015

An Experiment In Living.

     Our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, is always eager to go into the brutal and gory details of ISIS's actions, and how the US lead bombing raids are all that is happening in that region. However in the region of Rojava, there is something else happening, something that our Western masters are not keen on you hearing about. an area struggling to create a new type of society, free from the shackles of the state and free from an institutional police force and prisons. This is an area of approximately 4.6 million people and they are radically changing the nature of society, a massive experiment in living, and our babbling brook of bullshit, can't bring themselves to tell us about it, the blood curling details of war, as far as they are concerned, makes better news. Under no circumstance would they inform us that there is a region where the people are trying to take control of their own lives, it might catch on.
      In the cantons of Rojava, there is a small central government with an absolute minimum of 40% female delegates, but most of the day-to-day work of running society happens at a local level, street by street and village by village. Democratic Confederalism's chief architect, Abdullah Ocalan, says that “Ecology and feminism are central pillars” of the system he has spearheaded, something that you would have to go very far to the margins to hear from Western politicians. In Rojava, men who beat their wives face total ostracism from the community, making their lives in a highly social, connected society virtually impossible. Instead of a police force and jails, 'peace committees' in each municipality work to defuse the cycles of inter-family revenge killings by consensual agreements between both sides – and it works.
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