Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Glasgow TTIP Meeting.

     TTIP still rumbles on, wheeling and dealing behind closed doors. The corporate world's attempt at a final thrust to take control of the world, and bring an end to any shape, form or illusion of democracy. What is more our elected politicians are in there stitching us up, all in secret.
Global Justice Now is holding a meeting regarding TTIP in Glasgow this Friday, 27th. February.    
       On Friday 27 February, Global Justice Now campaigner Ed Lewis will be in Glasgow speaking at a public meeting about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Treaty (TTIP), the EU-US mega-trade deal that could hand unprecedented power to multinational businesses. You are very warmly invited.
      Come along and find out more about how TTIP threatens hard-won regulations to protect the environment, food, workers' rights and our public services. Hear the latest on where the negotiations are up to, how the opposition is growing and what action we can take to stop TTIP.
     TTIP will affect people in Scotland: from the NHS and other public services, to laws on fracking, local procurement, and the food we eat.  Make your voice heard with others across Europe to stop this free trade deal. Please come along on Friday to find out more.
Best wishes
Global Justice Now (Scotland

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