Sunday, 8 February 2015

It's Hard To Be An Anarchist.

      Having been conditioned in our early years through the state education system, and other established institutions, it is hard to be an anarchist. It is extremely difficult to wash out all that subtle, and not so subtle, conditioning, shaping and moulding, it is a continuous process. Then there is always that avalanche of distractions thrown at us by the capitalist mode of society. A lot of these trinkets and baubles showered on us, at first glance, seem to make our life easier and "prettier", but in fact that is the illusion, they merely shift freedom and self determination further to the horizon. The trinkets and baubles of capitalism are pacifiers, attempts to keep the beast quiet and subservient. Soon, like junkies, we can become dependent on what the system feeds us. A caged animal, fed sweet tit-bits, is still a caged animal.
      If anything anarchists are optimists, believing, one day, one day, that dream that lurks in every human heart, will burst forth, we will throw away those trinkets and baubles of capitalism, and we will see each other as we really are, brothers and sister of the same village. Until then, we each have to struggle on.
      Without a doubt, vanity and capitalism distort solidarity, confusing it with trivial acts like going to a football match or a concert, trying to appear in photographs and be famous for a moment or feel a momentary surge of energy in observing an artist or intellectual throwing out easy discourses, applaud strongly then go home and continue with their daily routine.
     Or those who show their support by buying a t-shirt with some small text without clarifying that with this, instead of supporting a struggle one is only supporting capitalist industry. And we could mention many similar examples … but this does not happen among anarchists … or does it?
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