Thursday, 3 September 2015

A Nation In An Eternal War.

      On this day, September 3rd. 1939, Britain declared war on Germany, and the Macabre scene of blood and death washed across the world until 1945, then we were told peace reigned. Sadly Britain has been at war more or less continuously before that date, and ever since that horrendous event 1939-1945.
Imperialism at work.
     You may disagree with the names of some of these conflicts, but they were incidents where British imperialism shed the blood of its own citizens and the blood of those from other countries.
From the Malayan Emergency.
This list from Wikipedia:

Indonesian National Revolution 1945-49
Greek Civil War 1944-48
Operation Masterdom 1945-46
Malayan Emergency 1948-60
Korean War 1950-53
Angola-Egyptian War 1951-52
Mau-Mau Uprising 1952-60
Jebel Akhdar War 1954-59
Cypriot Intercommunal Violence 1955-60
Suez Crisis 1956-57
Irish Border Campaign 1956-62
Indonesia-Malayasia Confrontation 1962-66
Dhofar Rebellion 1962-75
Aden Emergency 1963-67
Nigerian Civil War 1967-70
Irish “Troubles” 1968-98
Falklands War 1982
Multinational Forces In Lebanon 1982-84
Gulf War 1991
Bosnian War 1992-96
Operation Desert Fox 1998
Kosovo War 1998-99
Sierra Leone Civil War 2000-02
Afghanistan War 2001-14
Iraq War 2033-09
Libyan Civil War 2011
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  1. Malvinas War 1982. Those islands, like the Rock of Gibraltar, have been stolen by the bloody English Crown.