Monday, 14 September 2015

No Government, The State Still Kills Freedom.

      At the moment Greece has no government, as the Prime Minister resigned and called for another election. So, on the 20th. September, Greece will hold another general election, in an attempt to cobble together a bunch of careerist politicians who will willing back the financial Mafia's austerity plundering of the people of Greece, and selling off of the people's assets. While this farce goes through it usual theatre of tomfoolery, the state apparatus continues its repression and its continuing battle to wipe out any resistance to its power. Government or no government, the state apparatus proceeds with its anti freedom agenda.
      Evi Statiri, held hostage by the Greek state at Korydallos Prison for no other reason than being the life companion of imprisoned Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) member Gerasimos Tsakalos, has announced that she will commence a hunger strike on September 14th.      The announcement came not long after Evi's latest appeal to be released was rejected by the judicial council.       Here are some roughly translated excerpts from a text by Evi announcing her hunger strike that was posted on Athens Indymedia website...       "The latest refusal from the judicial council in consideration of my release has only confirmed what I already knew from the first day that I found myself in the cells of counter-terrorism. My imprisonment is not just a personal matter. My imprisonment is the reflection of an overall repressive strategy aiming to dominate via fear and to satisfy the vengeful fury of law enforcement against political prisoners and all those whose values are not consistent with the culture of power."       "I still find myself in prison for the unique 'incriminating' element that I am the wife of political prisoner and member of the CCF, Gerasimos Tsakalos. I am still in prison because I refused to sign their 'certificate of social conscience' and refuse to disown my partner and our relationship."       "Anybody standing beside political prisoners may find themselves in the adjacent cell...Anybody who refuses to bow their head, silence their voice or lower their gaze towards the idols of power can be dragged in handcuffs and detained by the courts and their investigation offices. But the solidarity actions carried out last week showed that fear can rule, but it cannot reign in the hearts and minds of free men and women. I send a big thank you to all those who by their actions expose the dictatorship of lies and hypocrisy of justice that keeps me locked in it's cells. Now a new battle begins...The dismissive ultimatum of the judges leaves me only one answer - the last resort of the captive human - a hunger strike for my release."
"Monday September 14 I begin a HUNGER STRIKE against fear and injustice."

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