Saturday, 12 September 2015

The Cruel Lottery Of Asylum.

         Our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media is pouring out stories and images of the suffering of "migrants", in Europe's "migrant crisis". This does two of several things, one, creates the vision of Europe being hit by a problem from somewhere else, and two, it's because of "migrants", these are groups of people different from us. What they never focus on is the fact that the "migrant crisis" is the result of Western, (Europe and America) foreign policy in the region where the vast majority of those people are coming from, and two, they are not different from us. They are ordinary everyday people fleeing from a region that has been brutally and savagely, over a considerable time, bombed back into the stone age, been turned into a fertile breeding ground for religious fundamentalist factions, fighting for power and territory, and to add insult to injury, most of these fighting factions, are armed by Western arms companies. Europe's "migrant crisis" is a problem of Europe's making, driven by Western imperialism's lust for wealth and power. 
      The latest issue of the French anarchist bulletin, Lucioles, has an interesting article on the "migrant crisis".

       However, the most twisted card played by the State was that of division and recuperation: the card of asylum. It seemed that some of those living in the slum of La Chapelle were entitled to be granted asylum, having come from war-torn countries. Obviously, that ‘right’ is not guaranteed to all and resembles more of a lottery, paid for by the obedience of those that request it. But this trap served more than anything to separate the good refugees with the right of asylum from the bad sans-papiers that needed confining to detention centres and loading onto planes. It is understandable that people who are blackmailed for survival every day, faced with the threat of deportation back to the horrors they fled, would hang on to the hope of asylum. But we need to be clear that even if this is a partial solution for individuals, it merely reinforces the state’s anti-immigration policies. Sadly, it works. Already the fact that those supporting the sans-papiers refer to them as ‘refugees’ and demand their ‘rights’ is the sign that everything is geared towards the recognition of these famous ‘rights’ by the State. Rights that will be paid for by responsibilities and the exclusion of all those – the vast majority – who cannot access them. Power gives us crumbs to calm the passions and to distract us, while it continues to imprison and deport at all costs.
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