Saturday, 19 September 2015

Radical Politics Is Mainstream.

         We often hear people being labelled as being involved "radical politics" but this label is pinned on them by the elitist minority to give the impression that somehow if your view differs from them, you are the minority and therefore your view is radical, or even extremist. However, the truth is "radical politics" is the politics of the working class, which anyone knows is the majority. The vast majority of people believe in an equal society, sharing fairly, helping each other, and caring for the needy and vulnerable, and that is what is labelled "radical politics". The view that we all believe in the existing system where the few get all the wealth while the majority do all the work, is peddled by the establishment and broadcast by the babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, as the majority view.
        Not everybody can articulate in words, the way to structure society for that equality, fairness, caring and sharing, but they carry that desire with them. Theirs is the mainstream view, the majority view, not the "radical" view. The problem to date has been our inability to come together to realise that desire, but we are getting there.
From The Circled A Radio, Lisa McKenzie.

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