Thursday, 24 September 2015

Can The World's People March Together

       It is hard to imagine that our political lords and masters, who are, no more than the bed fellows of the corporate world, will do anything about climate change. The corporate world's short term strategies for fast profit, is hardly a recipe for change that will address the issue of climate change. It is only by the pressure of the world's people that we can halt this insane policy of profit at the expense of our planet. Capitalism and conservation do not make happy partners, conservation is the sane road, capitalism the insane. 
This from Avaaz:
Dear friends,
     Something magical is happening... All across the world we’re coming together to hit the streets on November 29th — hours before the most important climate summit this decade! This is a day of action not to be missed — click on the map to find an event near you: 

      This is going to be mega! Last year almost 700,000 people took to their streets and created the largest mobilisation on climate change in history. This year we are going even bigger! If hundreds of thousands of us join events in cities and towns everywhere, we’ll show our leaders meeting in Paris that our movement cannot be ignored and we will accept nothing less than an ambitious climate deal, with a global commitment to 100% clean energy!

Click the link to join in and find an event near you:

Let’s seize this moment, for our future, our kids’ futures, and everything we love.
With hope,
Oli, Alice, Morgan, Iain and the rest of the Avaaz team

More Information:
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