Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Western Imperialism, Plain And Simple.

      The working class should take a few lessons from the UK state apparatus, they never give up. They spout about listening to the will of the people, but when the people say something they don't like, they just wait a bit and then after an avalanche of propaganda, ask again. So the people have spoken, Britain will not bomb Syria, well let's beef up the propaganda of fear, and then ask again. 
A modern graveyard of ordinary people.
      They will destroy Syria, well it is practically destroyed already, but they still want rid of Assad and his cronies, and the rat bag of fundamentalists aren't doing it quick enough. So they need to up the stakes, to complete their original plan, get rid of Assad and claim the oil and gas fields for Western corporatism. Compare this approach with that taken by the UK state on the Scottish independence vote, the people have spoken, it should not be raised again at least for a generation, no matter if circumstances change. They are obviously keener on bombing other sovereign states than they are at allowing a people their independence.
The shape of Western freedom in the Middle East.
       We must stop this insanity being piloted by Cameron and his cronies, we the people of the UK have nothing to gain from blasting the civilian population of any other country. Make no mistake, if UK imperialists start bombing Syria, it will be civilians that will feel the brunt of that savage brutality. Like Iraq, towns and cities will be crushed beneath the power of modern day weapons. It will be ordinary men, women and children that will lie beneath the rumble. The officer and political class will be well protected from the Armageddon spawned by the destructive power of modern weaponry.
No politicians here.
     The gainers will be the Western arms industry and the oil and gas corporations, none of whom will ever be at the forefront of the brutality and savagery of modern warfare. 
Iraq, 17 August 2015.
         The UK state has been at war continuously for centuries, this is just another imperialist venture on top of the hundreds of others. A continuous sacrifice of the lives of ordinary people to further the wealth and power of corporations, floated on the illusion of fighting for democracy, and bring freedom to other people. It will continue as long as we touch our forelock and bend our knee in submission to the state and its brutal, imperialistic apparatus.
        To end this insanity, greed and brutal scramble for power and wealth, we have to sweep away the state, all its control, power and surveillance apparatus, its borders, and that divisive man made creation, the nation state. One world, one people, living in communities linked by co-operation, mutual aid, free association and seeing to the needs of all our people. 
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