Saturday, 26 September 2015

Corporate Fascism's Strangle Hold.

         Every day it becomes ever more clear that the world is not controlled by governments, but by corporations. More and more the big corporations and the financial Mafia, shape the structure of our societies, they dictate to governments the policies that they want, and these policies are never for the benefit of the citizens of those countries. All is to maximise profit for their shareholders, anything that gets in the way of that aim, has to be removed. This corporate fascism is not in its initial stages, they are at the point of dotting the i's and crossing the t's to finalise their total control over our lives, irrespective of what government you vote in to power. Today we have the illusion of democracy, tomorrow we will real corporatism. The shape of our world will be in the hands of CEOs in the marble halls of corporate power. If you're naive enough to believe that you can somehow stop this by voting in some messiah and a bunch of their cronies, you will be sadly disappointed. Governments are the paid managers of the corporate plan, the are there to give the corporate fascism the semblance of legitimise, and to control the civil population.
An appeal from Global Justice Now:
        Remember the secret corporate courts that allow corporations to sue governments for protecting their citizens?
         Following pressure from thousands of people like you from across Europe, the European Commission has now admitted that these courts are bad in their current form. However, the EU now wants to sign a lesser-known toxic trade agreement leaving our government open to huge law suits for things like raising the minimum wage or stopping fracking.

Take action now to stop the corporate courts.

        Today is one year since the EU and Canada finished negotiating the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA). Our elected representatives in the EU parliament will vote on CETA next year. We need to remind them that as they have already rejected secret corporate courts, they will also have to reject CETA.

Tell your Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) it’s time to reject CETA now.

        CETA is TTIP's little brother. It poses major threats to our public services, local jobs, the environment, and to the safety of our food. We’re facing raft of dangerous trade deals, and as CETA is the furthest progressed, it is vital we stop this toxic deal.

Best wishes

Guy Taylor
Global Justice Now trade campaigner
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