Friday, 11 September 2015

Capitalism, The Juggernaut Of A Corrupt Gambling Casino.

      We all know, or should know, that capitalism is corruption personified, a juggernaut of a gambling casino, a sewer from which the rich and greedy feed off the backs of ordinary people. Our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, spews out figures about the "markets", trying to cloak them in some form of science and legitimacy. When in fact, the "markets" are just a horde of very rich individuals and institutions, shifting their unearned wealth around the tables of the large gambling casino, in an endeavour to get more unearned plunder, or to re-coup their losses. Of course under the rules of capitalism, while this bunch of parasitic leeches, play their gambling games, millions of ordinary people suffer from these adjustments and shifting of capital.
      Should the "markets" collapse, the plundering pirates of the corporate and financial world lose lots of their unearned booty. However the factories, mines, oilfields, farms and orchards, and all the means of production and distribution would still be there. All we would have to do is take them over, and organise them to cater for the needs of all our people, and create the type of society WE want. We are lead to believe that the "markets" are important to us, so we follow their narrative and share the greedy leeches concerns, this in turn perpetuates the whole stinking system of greed and corruption.
In saying that, here is an interesting article from Anarkismo:
       It was long ago stated that capitalism came into the world dripping in blood and dirt, from every pore, from head to toe. While it has demonstrated that it won’t simply collapse under its own weight, the recent goings-on around the current capitalist crisis have shown that with age it has become even more hideous. Capitalism is now rank with massive state intervention required to simply keep its rotting body moving: through states propping up the financial sector and deepening the colossal attack on the working class.
Fallout from Chinese stock markets
     The goings-on that have once again highlighted capitalism’s depravity, are the turmoil – starting in China – that has occurred over the last few weeks on stock markets; including the underlying causes that led to it, and the actions that the ruling classes have taken since then to try and end it, or at least alleviate it.
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  1. The tick is blind, deaf and dumb. As the market. And much of the human talent is at the service of the insatiable greed of this globalized parasite. Any intelligent creature from another galaxy who came to Earth would be stunned by the sheer stupidity of the leaders in charge, and the submissive passivity of the rest. I do not know if I'm smart, but sometimes I feel like an alien. (Said with my rudimentary English)

    1. Your rudimentary English, explains things very accurately.