Thursday, 17 September 2015

Europe's Race To The Right.

      Europe's governments are moving rapidly to the right, and it becomes more obvious and more brutal by the day. Here in the UK the Cameron Bullingdon Club boys are introducing legislation that will make it practically impossible to take strike action, and when you do, the employer will be able to ignore that strike by legally hiring agency workers, (scabs, blacklegs). Spain's gagging laws, among other things, makes demonstrations almost impossible. Finland's new right-wing coalition government is cutting wages and slashing at working conditions. This is the direction of Europe today under the dictate of the financial Mafia and their corporate buddies.
This from IUF:
Stop the government of Finland's massive attack on trade union rights!
      Finland's new right-wing coalition government has announced plans to unilaterally cut pay and benefits negotiated through collective bargaining through legislation which violates basic trade union rights, Conventions of the ILO and international and European human rights instruments. They are asking for solidarity and support.
      On September 9, after unions refused to agree to the proposals, the government announced a series of measures to be legislated and imposed as collective agreements begin to expire next year. These include substantial reductions in compensation for overtime, weekend and night work and sick pay, the elimination of two paid national holidays and a substantial reduction in annual leave. Unions estimate that the impact would be a 4-6% reduction in pay, with the impact falling hardest on the most vulnerable, including part-time and women workers.
     The national trade union centers SAK, STTK and Akava have called for a mass demonstration on September 18 as the first stage in a fight to defeat these laws. The IUF's Finnish affiliates, on behalf of the country's labour movement, have called for messages to be sent to the country's Prime Minister and Minister of labour in the run-up to the demonstration.

You can support them - CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE!
        Add to this Hungary's border fence to protect the purity of their Christian values. Christian values that obviously have no respect for the suffering of other human beings.
        This trend will continue and accelerate as capitalism tries in desperation to salvage itself from another one of its perpetual crisis. Plunder the working class, divide and rule, backed up by ever more brutal state repression. That is tomorrow's world, unless we, the people of Europe, take the only step that will bring an end to capitalist crisis and the misery and mayhem that it spews, bring down the capitalist system. We must consign it to the dustbin of history, with the label, "man's darkest hour".
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