Saturday, 12 September 2015

Turkey Is Smouldering.

A delegation being prevented from entering Cizre.
          We are all aware of the bloodshed and savagery that is taking place in Syria and Iraq, it is a tragedy that has been going on for some years now. But what is not being reported in our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, is the savage military violence that is taking place against the civilian population, of a city in a country that aligns itself with Europe and has been trying to join the EU for some years. The country is Turkey, and the city Cizre, the Turkish state has decided that, for some reason or other, the citizens of Cizre have to be punished. It has released the full fury of a military war machine against its own citizens, and the situation is deteriorating daily, if not hourly. Once again we see the savagery of the state, and it its total disregard for the citizens of its own country. 
The road to Cizre, September 9th. 2015.
     Tanks shelling the city center. No-one allowed in or out. Electricity and water have been cut, as well as phone lines and internet access. The people have dug trenches to stop armored vehicles from entering their neighborhoods and have hung sheets in the streets to prevent being seen and shot by snipers.
     While the above reads as a report from Kobane, from when the Syrian town was still under attack from the so-called Islamic State (IS), it is in fact a description of the current situation in Cizre, a predominantly Kurdish town in southern Turkey.
Cizre under attack
      Since the Turkish government imposed a curfew in Cizre last week, its citizens have been forced to remain indoors, risking being shot by snipers as soon as they step out. The city is under total lock down, which means that for at least a week people have had no access to fresh food or water, medical services, or anything else for that matter. Even the wounded are not allowed to be transported to the hospitals, as a result of which a number of civilians have died from non-lethal injuries due to blood loss and infections, among them a baby of less than two months old.
     Due to limited phone and internet access in Cizre news from the besieged town reaches the outside world only piecemeal, meaning that reports of what is going on inside the town are difficult to confirm – a very worrying sign in and of itself.
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