Sunday, 13 September 2015

Beware, The Dogs Of War Are Howling.

           The “Migrant crisis” in Europe, translate as millions of people fleeing the chaos and carnage initiated by Western imperialists foreign policy in the Middle East, has started the dogs of war howling in earnest. The baying for blood by the political pundits and pseudo academics is reaching a maniac shrill, and it is all shaded in the illusion of helping the people of Syria. Somehow we are to believe that you can compassionately bomb civilian populations into liberty. Those hundreds, perhaps thousands, of children, elderly, men and women, that will die under the rubble of their towns and cities as collateral damage, will somehow be grateful. Syria is practically a destroyed country, the last thing the people of that country need is the destructive might of Western imperialism sending in its weapons of mass destruction. What ever the answer to the problems of that area are, it is not marching in an all conquering imperialist army behind an avalanche of cruise missiles and so called “smart bombs” creating Armageddon across the country, and calling it “freedom” for the people. 
 This is how we brought freedom to Iraq and Libya, we can do the same for Syria.
         What ever action the Western imperialists take in this area, you can rest assured that it is not out the love of the Syrian people, it will not be the result of their love of humanity. It will always be for power and wealth. States that are cutting social spending in their own countries, claiming, we can't afford them, will quite happily spend countless millions on weaponry on the people of Syria, killing and maiming thousands, out of pure love and compassion. The dogs of war know that there is oil and gas in Syria, and they want their blood dripping claws on it, Their cheer leaders are of course the powerful arms industry, with their ferret lobbyists scurrying around the marble halls of The Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, handing out favours and charms to the inmates. 
 People being liberated by the bomb.
       The predicate of the arguments is that the West, despite calling for Assad to step down since 2011, has done nothing to get rid of him and as such has “abandoned” the Syrian people. We must now step up and bear this burden, so the pundits say.
    The Guardian’s editorial last week berated Europe for its “paralysis,” “inertia,” and “years of failure to confront Syria’s bloody collapse.” New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof largely agrees, while his colleague Ross Douthat sees Syria as “an ugly crack” in the otherwise admirable and “very consciously accepted stewardship of global stability” that is Pax Americana.
      The Washington Post’s Anne Applebaum agrees too, and calls the refugees a “security crisis,” the “consequences” of Europe’s inaction. Edward Luce, in the Financial Times, repeats the claim that the US bears responsibility for this crisis as well, since it abandoned its role as “beacon”, abstaining rather than intervening, having done “almost nothing” to oust Assad.
Never mind reality.
     Reality is, as Adam Johnson of media watchdog FAIR reminds us, that the predicate that Western states did nothing in Syria is pure fantasy: “The US has been ‘intervening’ in the Syrian civil war, in measurable and significant ways, since at least 2012—most notably by arming, funding and training anti-Assad forces.” Johnson cites a Washington Post report from just a couple of months ago:
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