Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Disappearing Common Good Fund.

       The Common Good Fund, money that could improve the quality of life of the citizens of this country, lost, disappeared, misused, mismanaged, shrouded in mystery. It is ours and those deemed to be responsible for looking after it, can't even tell us what it is worth. Pop along and ask about it, find out what you can do about it, find out exactly what it is and how it is supposed to be used.
Thursday, 24th. September, 19:00
The Fred Paton Centre
Carrington Street 
St. George's Cross 
Glasgow G4 9AJ
Five minutes walk from St. George's Cross underground.
The Common Good: What is it and how do we take it back?

        Scotland was formerly divided into 196 Burghs, each containing between the people of each Burgh, what is known as a Common Good Fund. The Common Good Fund of each Burgh consisted of properties, land and money which was available to the common benefit of all the people of each Burgh. Since the demarcations of localities across Scotland has changed over time, Burgh councils have been folded and all responsibility of the Common Good Fund has been transferred to each District Council in Scotland. It has become apparent, however, that the responsibilities of District Councils to keep a proper account of Common Good assets has not been properly fulfilled, even so far as property of the Common Good being illegally sold to private bodies. As a result, the public at large have been so removed from this knowledge of the Common Good that as a people we have been alienated from what is commonly belonging between us. The discussion GAC would like to invite you to is to pursue the questions as to what the Common Good is and how we go about taking back what has been purposefully allowed to fade into the past by our so-called local authorities.

The venue is the Fred Paton Centre a 5 minute walk from St George's X underground on Carrington Street.
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