Friday, 11 September 2015

Kill Or Be Killed.

      An entrenched power, with unimaginable wealth, creates and holds that wealth by brutal exploitation, its wealth grows, as that which finds its way down to the ordinary people ever diminishes. This power's only aim is to increase that wealth and power, it will attempt by subtle or brutal methods, to crush any resistance to its dream of the perpetual growth of its wealth and power. Will we be able to persuade that power to abandon its selfish plundering and forego its power, simply by petitioning it, or by peacefully marching from A to B, chanting slogans and waving banners? Do we believe that we can change this gluttonous monstrosity that is capitalism, into a sharing, caring compassionate system? I think history tells us that we are dreaming if we accept that stand point.   
        Capitalism will not fall all by itself, it will not slowly or suddenly collapse, it can continue to morph into unlimited variations on the same greed driven theme, exploitation. It will only disappear when the people decide it is time to pull it down, and destroy every vestige of its stinking carcass. There will have to be a revolution of consciousness, a new way of seeing the world, a world that is based on respect for each other, a world with the desire to share and guard against authority and exploitation, built on mutual aid and co-operation. As the powers that be continue their quest for ever greater wealth and power they will destroy the planet, our only chance of survival is to tear up the existing rule book, be bold enough to have that revolution of consciousness and creating that better world now.
From SubMedia.TV:
         This week we re-think our critique of the People’s Climate March, then we go to Germany where trouble makers have been regularly shutting down Europe’s largest source of CO2. Then on to Greece, to look at a growing resistance against a gold mine and finally to the longest running blockade of oil and gas pipelines in Turtle Island. On the music break, we have Alas and Savage Fam with “Go Away.” We conclude with a special report from Ecuador, where indigenous peeps opposed to extractive industries, blockaded roads last month, paralyzing the country.
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