Friday, 4 September 2015

Sweets Way Resistance Continues.

     The residents of Sweets Way have been resisting eviction and the gentrification of their area for months now, and now the onwers have turn to violent intimidation. They need the support of all of us, solidarity is our winning weapon.

Their appeal for support.

       4 Sep 2015 — On Wednesday night, new security guards, Dorman, were caught on video violently attacking occupiers. CALL THEM NOW AND DEMAND THE GUARDS ARE FIRED! (Details below)
      At about 8pm on Wednesday, private security attacked two occupiers from Sweetstopia, who were wheeling a shopping trolly across the estate.
None of us ever wanted our campaign to protect our homes to come to this, but those with money have clearly decided that the only way to protect their investment, is through violence. Wednesday a new security firm, Dorman, arrived on site, and within hours had sparked the first outbreak of violence in six months of peaceful campaigning.
     After a young man and woman from the Sweetstopia occupation were violently wrestled to the ground by security guards without cause, dozens of occupiers came to their defence. Dorman security began to attack and detain them (without having the legal authority to do so), closing a group in behind the temporary Heras fencing placed around many of the empty houses on the estate.
We called the police, who arrived and moderated between us and Dorman, but not before one of the occupiers was physically beaten by security, leaving him with a bleeding head injury and was eventually sent to hospital.
Even after the police left, Dorman again assaulted more occupiers until we called the police once again.
      During the attacks, Dorman guards covered up, shone lights at, and threw away cameras and phones that were filming their brutality. None of the security had badges on display either, which is illegal.

Call Dorman NOW and demand that their staff at Sweets Way are IMMEDIATELY FIRED.
Call them on 0208 951 4909 or 07957 360 185.
       Video by In My Way To Free:
Thank you for the support! We need all of your voices right now as the property developers try to bully us out!
Sweets Way Resists



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  1. There is only one word that defines these thugs: NAZIS