Friday, 11 September 2015

Left Government, A Contradiction.

         What will the September 20th. elections in Greece bring for the people of Greece? They have had governments of varying shades, from the "right", up to the latest "left" Syriza, and all that has happened is deterioration in the living standards of the people of Greece. The so called radical left of Syriza proved to be a short lived animal, once it stepped into the position of government playing the game according to the rules of the Troika, (EC, European Commission, ECB, European Central Bank, IMF, International Mankind Fuckers). It was certain death as the power mongers make the rules, so there is no way they can lose. Reformist governments following the rules of the financial Mafia can never bring equality and justice to the people. To create that better world for all, we have to step outside the rules created by those who wish to control and exploit us, we have to write our own rules according to OUR needs. The idea of a "left" government is a contradiction of terms.
With the help of the financial Mafia, I'll lead you to the promised land.
This from The Barbarian Times:

Concerning the New Memorandum and the Elections of 20 September
         The 3rd Memorandum signed by the SYRIZA government marks the complete political bankruptcy of the left regime and the chimerical aspirations for a more “humane” capitalism. After taking office last January, this marks the collapse of the attempted Syriza management of the defeat of the popular social movements from the period 2010-2012. For those who had no illusions, this whole period until the adoption of the 3rd Memorandum represents simply a waiting period for the predicted backtracking, where the campaign promises to repeal or renegotiate the Memorandum and partial cancelling of the debt along with a parallel policy for the relief of the poor was first followed by the agreement of February 20 which extended the second memorandum, and then came (despite the disapproval of 62% of the voters in the referendum of July 5 rejecting the proposals of lenders) the third memorandum which is much worse than the measures rejected in the referendum.
     Within a few months, Syriza crossed over its “red lines” in complete retreat and acceptance of the creditors’ demands, towards the acceptance of a Memorandum far more brutal than that which was voted by the previous Samaras government.
      “First time left” [note: πρώτε φορά αριστερά- a popular Syriza slogan claiming that they were for the first time a left government in Greece’s history, as if they were somehow different from PASOK] and the total humiliation of the will of the social majority to get rid of Memorandum policies that make them serfs of the markets is unprecedented.
    “First time left” and there was a quicker and more resounding denial and betrayal of expectations than all prior governments in political memory.
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