Sunday, 6 September 2015

Must We Bend Our Knee At The Altar Of Capital?

      If ever we needed proof that social reformist parties functioning within the capitalist rule book, just don't work, we need look no further than Greece today. What was a genuine explosion for real change from the people of Greece, was channelled into a party political farce, where the only change was the face of the new messiah. Once again a cartload of promises evaporated in the labyrinth of the state apparatus. Once again the people are expected to bend their knee before the altar of capital. The financial Mafia cracked their whip and the government obeyed. 
 Kneel before your new Messiah.
This from Void Network:

Election Boycott against Capital and the State
    The approval of the third memorandum by the SYRIZA—ANEL coalition government clearly destroys the reformist delusions. Very few continue to believe that under the domain of global capitalism, the European Union, and contemporary totalitarianism, that government programs could possibly satisfy the needs of the exploited. Through their facetious referendum, the Left government transformed the social effervescence of the “NO” into a resounding “YES” for emiseration. Now they are preparing for new elections, showing how quickly they have learned to take advantage of the rules of the bourgeois political game. In the same moment, a section of SYRIZA has split off, trying to renovate faith in the prospect of leftwing management of capitalism. They continue to cultivate the delusion of delegating the solution of social problems to self-proclaimed saviors, within a populist-nationalist program of interclass collaboration. But it is now clear that the neoliberal path as well as the statist alternative converge in their goals of capitalist growth and the further devaluation of our labor and our lives.
        It is more urgent than ever to understand that we can only rely on our own power. To prevent social cannibalism, it is necessary to organize the self-defense of the exploited and oppressed. Networks of social solidarity based in direct participation that take a position against the philanthropic logic of NGOs and the Church, can create a common field of defense and reproduction of our class in conditions of crisis and the assault of Capital. Simultaneously, we must sabotage the plans of the State and Capital, and organize our attack. With base unions and workers' initiatives that will attack the bureaucratic, state-legitimized syndicalism and organize in the workplace, with public assemblies that will turn neighborhoods into zones of resistance, with federated political groups, with all of these we have to reorganize every aspect of social life, and to organize our attack against the dominance of State and Capital. Inseparable from our self-defense as a class is the defense of the devalued segment of our class: the immigrants and the refugees. We will not allow the fascists to ever again appear in public space, promoting as always the interests of the bosses.
      In this year's Thessaloniki International Trade Fair, we make our first appearance in the movement as the Initiative for the Creation of the Anarchist Federation, emphasizing the collective organizing of our needs and the coalescence of the struggles of our class against contemporary totalitarianism. We support the uncompromising and independent social and class struggles, such as the struggle of the workers of the self-organized, occupied factory of BIO. ME. that of the residents of Halkidiki against the goldmine in Skouries, and all of the other self-organized initiatives from below, with which we will struggle together against the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair. Against the State, the European Union, local and international capital, we walk towards the social revolution, anarchy, and communism.

      Open invitation to participate in the demonstration against the Thessaloniki International Fair*, Saturday, 5 September 2015, Kamara, 6pm
     *The Thessaloniki International Trade Fair is an annual meeting of investors and business owners, important in the Balkan and east Mediterranean region.
    Anarchist Group Thrialida (Fuse) (Athens), Anarchist Group Kathodon (On the Way) (Athens), Anarchist Group from Nea Filadelfia Athens, Anarchist Group Rubicon (Athens), Anarchists for Social Liberation (Athens), Void Circle (Political Section of Void Network, Athens), Libertarian Initiative of Thessaloniki, Anarchist Group Oktana (Crete), Libertarian Initiative Against State and Capital “No Man's Land” (Patras)
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