Saturday, 10 August 2013

A Concerted Attack, Requires A Concerted Defence.

      The living conditions of the ordinary people of this country are under attack as never before, and on so many fronts it is imperative that we join all our campaigns into one massive revolt against the financial Mafia's grand plan. This grand plan is being implemented by the Oxbridge millionaire cabal, sitting in The Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, and consists of slashing all social services and the demolishing of our hard won working conditions, We have ATOS destroying the lives of the sick and disabled, we have the bedroom tax attacking the poor, we have workfare getting you to work for the multinationals for no wages, and then we have the "zero hours" contracts, tying you to a phone in the hope that you get a few hours work. This is not going to stop until we stop it, you will not wake up tomorrow and find that they have turned all compassionate and are reversing the damage done by their brutal and vicious assault.
      If you don't know where to get involved you could contact your local Clydeside IWW, Anarchist Federation, or Glasgow Against ATOS, a good place to start would be the Glasgow Games Monitor 2014. Here is some info from them:

     A wee digest of new posts up on the site. Note especially the important new documentation of Alex Salmond's visit to the Accord Centre:

Accord Centre:
   Alex Salmond vist to the Accord centre (video and full transcription):

     Image gallery of selected City Council and Scottish Government letters to the Accord:

      Image gallery of Chris Hoy Velodrome occupation:

      Games Monitor comment on 'Atos kills' and the Games:

     Documentation of the 'Dirty Laundry' event on Glasgow Green, 3rd, August (Atos protestors included):

Glasgow Games Monitor 2014:

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