Friday, 30 August 2013

Imperialist Invasion Is Never Democracy.

        Another video I first saw on Bob Morris's site polizeros. Graphically shows what war really is, and the hypocrisy of the whole political class. The imminent attack on Syria by the UK has receded, but has it gone away? The powers that be don't have the well being of the people on their agenda.

Published on Mar 27, 2012
      A quick anti war video I just made for personal reasons, and a topic I am really against. Also as a Immortal Technique fan and also a fan of Lowkey. I wanted to make a video anyways to one of his songs. I used Iraq Veteran speeches, pictures, quotes and video footage. I was also gonna use Land Of The Gun by Immortal Technique ft. Breeze Everflowin, but felt this was more well suited personally, but if you have not heard Land Of The Gun I suggest checking the song out, also a great track. :)
       Sorry I could not get video footage for the speeches, the movie maker I used would not let me, and I got frustrated fighting with it. I also did not mean to make the intro so long with speeches, just my program kept freezing again and I have up. Also again my apologies if the timing ever seems off or weird. lol Anyways hope you like it. :)
    The song used is not mine, it is called Voices of The Voiceless by Lowkey Feat. Immortal Technique, and I will NOT sell it on youtube, no copyright intended. The video footage and speeches also do not belong to me, and belong to their rightful owners, again no copyright intended and I will not use this video or song to make a profit off youtube.

Iraq War Veteran speeches (American Soldiers Are WAKING UP!!)

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  1. Things are as clear as a dead child in your own arms.
    Wake up world! the shadow of destruction and crime is enlarged again.

  2. So long as the United States is at war, their power is preserved, and now that they have attained empire the USA must expand the war or fall, for the arts of peace they know nothing and have never engaged in any employment higher than torture & war. Aristotle.

    My report follows on unjust wars, worthless battles for a country not worth defending: the United States of America, a nation w/o conscience and a people w/o heart who are cursed with a national character predominantly w/o soul.


    My report of fbi's inhumane efforts to silence me (alt links):

    My report on madness and reason:


    The fbi damages trust, destroys our country via police state practices and engages in atrocities 24/7, domestic and foreign.
    Three letter entities usa, dod, fbi, cia, nsa, doj

    enjoy one trait in common EV.L