Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Hounds Of War Are Howling Again.

        The hounds of war are howling again, the blood of innocent Libyans, Afghans and Iraqis still dripping from their teeth. The stench of hypocrisy chokes your nostrils as the double speak, waffle and babble fills the air. Once again America aims to lead the West in another drive-by shooting. This time it is the people of Syria that will feel the destruction of “clinical strikes”, “precision bombing”, and because we are the good guys our “intelligent bombing” will not hurt any innocent people. These phrases are an attempt to sanitise murder, to legitimise wholesale destruction on a horrific scale, giving the arms industry something to boost their share price. Because of our compassion for the people of Syria we are going to subject them to a 21st century Dante's inferno. You can rest assured that the “punitive strike” against Asaad will be felt by bus drivers, office workers, shop assistants, engineers and plumbers, men, women, children and old folk. Referring to the chemical attack, Cameron's compassion is shown as veneer by his statement, that we can't stand by and see people killed like that, obviously he feels it is much better to blow them to pieces, maim them, blind them, sever limbs, traumatise them and destroy their infrastructure.

      For whatever reason, the West has wanted rid of Asaad, perhaps it was because he doesn't let the mighty dollar exploit that country's resources, or some other reason that seems valid to the Western financial/corporate Mafia. Arming the “rebels” appeared to a safe bet for them, even although the “rebels” contained a rat-bag of opposing religious fundamentalist groups, some on the West's own terror group list, already being armed by that bastion of democracy, Saudi Arabia. Chaos in that country, similar to Iraq, would allow the Western corporate world to go in and really plunder its resources. Now it appears that the rebels are no longer a safe winning bet, they reckon they'll have to beat the regime up a bit, to soften them for the “rebels” to do the rest of the dirty work. Then proclaim that the Syrian people have spoken.
     The people of Syria are suffering immeasurable horror and hardship at the moment, the last thing they need is for some foreign “super power” and its minnions, to bomb the country's infrastructure back to the stone age, while adding to the death toll of innocent men, women and children. Ask yourself, who gains from this latest drive-by shooting? Will the fountain of freedom and democracy spring forth from the smoke of cruise missiles? Will the world be a safer place? Or will the Western corporate Mafia have a greater opportunity to exploit that part of the world? 

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  1. And again the same excuses that were used against Iraq. Everything seems to follow an strategy designed to weaken the Mediterranean countries, all but one located in the epicenter: Israel. These are difficult times for freedom, on behalf of which their enemies speak. The more the price of oil rises, the lower the value of the blood. The crime has globalized under the infamous mask of legality.