Friday, 30 August 2013

The "Undesirables" Are To Blame.

     As Greece follows the dictates of the financial Mafia and drives the people deeper into deprivation, the anger grows, so the state follows the usual fascist lines and finds scapegoats in all shades of humanity.
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     First migrants and recent immigrants were rounded up from Greece's streets and forced into internment camps. Then they threw the drug users in. Next came the sex workers, forcibly HIV tested, publicly humiliated, and imprisoned. Now they're coming for transgender men and women and the list of "undesirables" just keeps longer.
     Operation Zeus is a cleansing campaign targeting and imprisoning the most vulnerable members of Greek society, accompanied by spikes in racism, gender hate and homophobia.
     There are now at least 5,000 people languishing in these hellholes simply for existing — and this month, while warning trans* men and women to "return to normal" or else, the Greek government announced that camp capacity is about to double.
      We call on the EU member states to put the pressure on Greece now to stop this abhorrent cleansing campaign now. We can still save the people persecuted under Operation Zeus — but we can't afford to stay silent for long!
PETITION TO EU MEMBER STATES: We cannot afford to sit by while another European country rounds up "undesirables" and imprisons people in camps simply for existing. Let the Greek government know it must release these people now.

      At least 5,000 people are languishing in Greek internment camps, and more "undesirables" are added every day.

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