Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Do It Ourselves.

       Detroit is bankrupt, so that opens the doors for the leeches and parasites to jump in and grab all public assets at bargain basement prices. The collapse of the city authorities ability to function because of massive debt, run up by spivs/conmen and corruption, is also an opportunity for the people of Detroit. As the city authorities step back from supplying services, the people, with their usual resilience and ingenuity, can step forward and organise those services themselves. That is happening on various levels in the city.

      “I have connected with a few other individuals who are interested in founding a free school in alignment with meeting the unique needs of each individual child involved while honoring their autonomy and curiosity,” bringing up the idea of “unschooling” in a group setting. In addition, Testa told TSW that a dispute resolution and mediation service would inspire her as well, looking towards solving community problems through a win/win situation and not a punishment/reward model – calling that the status quo.
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          Also across the city people are organising in different ways for example starting "city farms" and growing their own food and distribution system see annarky's Glasgow2Detroit "away-ye-grow"

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  1. Detroit is the perfect example of how capitalism works. It shows how little he cares for the country, the people and justice. Cannibalism at its best.