Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Only Doing My Job.

       Oh Greece, how you used to make me laugh and chat, I loved your warm friendly people, now you make me weep, and I admire your compassionate, brave people.
This from ContrInfo:
    In the night of August 13th, a ticker inspector inside a moving trolley bus pressured a 19-year-old to hand over his identity card and pay a fine for not having a ticket, threatening to take him to the nearest police station should he not comply with his authority. After some moments, the bus driver intervened in the argument in favor of the inspector. The passenger resisted the bullying, and there was a scuffle. Then suddenly, the bus door was opened and the young man either jumped off, or (more likely) was shoved out of the vehicle. He was fatally injured from the fall on a sidewalk. Despite the teen’s body lying on the ground covered in blood, the ticket collector went on threatening other passengers who were furious at what just happened, and he even demanded a woman be arrested by the cops.
What happened later:

     After the burial ceremony, the gathered crowd returned to the place of the fatal incident. When the demonstration arrived in Dimarchiou Square, large numbers of protesters remained there. Approximately 200 people (most of them school students) continued to march toward the Aghios Antonios metro station, expressing their anger with direct actions, erecting barricades and setting dumpsters on fire.
     Soon thereafter, people were chased by MAT anti-riot squads and DELTA motorcycle units through Panagi Tsaldari Street, Ethnikis Antistaseos pedestrian road, and the surrounding alleys up to Thivon Avenue.
There followed an orgy of state repression, with anti-riot cops beating------

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