Thursday, 15 August 2013

Military Democracy.

       Some scenes of how the military bring democracy to a country. Anybody that believes democracy can come from a military coup is naive in the extreme. A military coup is a military coup, is a military dictatorship. If there was a hint of democracy developing in Egypt, the West would have to invade to "protect" the people. However if they are setting up a dictatorship, the West will send them aid. As the military dictatorship struggles to assert itself, the West may take steps to "stabilise" the situation.
      In this bloody clash the numbers killed vary from 100+ to 1,000+ depending on who reports the figures, but what is not in dispute is that the military is killing people, in large numbers, on the streets of Egypt. As usual, the state's violence outstrips that of any terrorist organisation, simply because the state is the world's biggest terrorist organisation.

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