Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Tax Payers Funding Open Racism.

       As the our living conditions are savaged by the financial Mafia, the state will always come up with scapegoats. Today it's those on disability and other benefits, its the fault of the unemployed not trying hard enough to find that mythical job. Of course there is the old favourite, immigrants, they can be blamed for all our ills. It is the same old divide and rule. The tougher the conditions and the stronger the resistance, the more the state hits the scapegoats. Normal state procedure.

       On 5th August Liberty sent a mobile billboard onto the streets of London. It was our response to the nasty Home Office "Go Home" vans that were sowing division across London a few weeks ago.
       Yesterday it emerged that the Home Office have finally recognised the need to consult the public before wider implementation - a step notably absent from the ill-fated pilot, rolled out without any attempt to communicate with affected communities. But there has been no apology whatsoever, nor any acceptance that they badly let down the public with this divisive stunt.

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