Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Our £7 Million Food And Drinks Bill.

       The millionaire cabal in The Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption will demolish anything that protects workers wages and conditions. Having recently abolished the Agriculture Wages Board, which was there to help protect agricultural workers from even more excessive exploitation, they have now voted down a Welsh Assembly Bill that was to protect approximately 13,000 Welsh agricultural workers. The UK Attorney General Dominic Grieve has blocked the Agricultural Sector (Wales) Bill saying it was not within the assembly's competence. We can't have those pesky bills protecting people's wages. The matter has now to go to The Supreme Court, to see if the Welsh Assembly can legislate on Welsh people's wages?? They call it democracy.
     While this bunch of millionaire parasites were blocking any attempt to protect workers wages, they were wining and dining themselves, and their cronies, in that Old Boys Club, Westminster, to the tune of £7 million. That's right, during the year 2011/12, while they chatted away their hours in the bars and restaurants, we the tax payers picked up the tab to the tune of £7 million to help satiate their limitless appetite for fine dining. What's their salary for?
       The stench of blatant greed and hypocrisy emanating from this system fills the air across the country, creating misery, poverty and deprivation. A system based on greed, and power to the wealthy, where we seem to sit quietly, while a bunch of Oxbridge pampered parasites legislate to help swell the coffers of their cronies in the corporate world. We go down the tubes if we don't radically change this loaded dice system.

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  1. No matter what flag surrounds them, no matter how much Democrats they declared themselves, all around the world, they are the same representatives of the ruling class. A band of thugs serving the interests of capitalism.