Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Many Paths Of Anarchism,

      The following is extract from a Reuters report on anarchist activity in Athens. Of course the anarchists in Greece, like anarchists the world over, are a many faceted bunch who cover the whole spectrum of direct action, with the same aim, to create a free, fair and just society, based on mutual aid, voluntary co-operation, justice and sustainability. It certainly will not come about by asking the authoritarians who oppress us and who try to govern us, "Please will you let us build our free new world?"

Self-styled anarchists armed with wooden sticks fight against the police in an attempt to release a detained comrade (on the floor) in a cloud of tear gas outside the Greek Parliament in Athens in this February 22, 2007 file photo. REUTERS-Yannis Behrakis-Files

(Reuters) - Not far from the Athenian ruins where democracy was born more than 2,500 years ago, young anarchists intent on toppling Greece's political system run a cafe where the beer is cheap and the artwork features police cars set on fire.
     At first glance K*Vox, started a year ago by anarchists who occupied a shuttered building, looks like any other cafe in the bohemian Athens neighborhood of Exarchia. But inside posters show gun-toting guerrilla fighters and the symbol of anarchy - a circle with an A.
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