Friday, 2 August 2013

Work For Nothing To Feed The Greedy Rich.


      Being unemployed in this society is a debilitating existence, being forced onto workfare is even worse. Not only do you still grind out your life in poverty, but you turn up every day to help to fill the coffers of some rich greedy bastard, with no gain to you. Apart from workfare there is the harassment  and sanctions forced on you, if you don't jump through all the hoops to some bureaucrats satisfaction. This is all part of the ideology of a cheap labour force, a sweatshop Europe, and it will require the solidarity of all our class to bring this capitalist dream to an end. 
      Protest against Sanctions, plus SUWN meeting Wed 7th August, Glasgow
      Protest outside Partick Jobcentre (20 Benalder Street Glasgow) - organised by the Scottish Unemployed Workers' Network as part of the Week of Action called by the Civil Service Rank and File Network to help bring an end to sanctions, workfare and harassment of claimants. From 3 - 4.30pm

      After the protest we will be holding a planning meeting about future campaigning. We will meet at the STUC (333 Woodlands Road, room 4 upstairs) starting at 5pm. This will be open to anyone interested. (Call 07803 052239 if the door is locked)

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