Friday, 30 August 2013

A Cyanide Lake And A poisoned Danube.

       The fight against fracking in the UK is on a small scale and very localised. However in Romania the corporate greed machine is moving into top gear to rip the heart out of a beautiful mountainous area by poisoning it with cyanide and other pollutants to get at gold and silver, while fracking for shale gas in other areas. This is being met with nationally organised resistance, the people of Romania have had enough of corrupt politicians in deals with the equally corrupt corporate world. They broke from the brutal Soviet regime and found themselves in the vicious corporate world. They now want to break free from the shackles of corporate exploitation to control their own lives, and they are calling for international solidarity.

       In the last couple of years, people from Romania forgot that they had a voice, that they had power, that they could change something. Many accepted the current situation of poverty and corruption, and forgot that they could unite and fight together. But Chevron and RMGC (Roşia Montană Gold Corporation – the Romanian "child” of the Canadian corporation) with the complicity of the state obliged us to wake up! People are very angry, they are fed up with what is happening for the last 24 years, since the so-called Revolution of ’89. They have had enough of the corrupt and dysfunctional political system and of the exploitative economical system. Every hope of this situation being just a phase of a wild capitalism (kind of local, Balkan – corrupt capitalism) that migrates towards a civilized, rule of law kind of capitalism has vanished. Since the states regulates by law theft and destruction what is the meaning of law? Who benefits from the law and who are it’s victims? It is time to act!
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