Monday, 5 August 2013

The Lord Of The Universe Has Spoken.

     Experts always manage to do research and then prove what everybody else already knows. A recent study proves that we in the UK are now worse off than we were in 2008. I could have told them that for nothing. It seems that in 2008 21% of those interviewed stated that they had difficulty in paying their bills and credit. Then the same number of people were interviewed in 2013, and guess what, the figure had risen to 35%. That is approximately 25 million people in the UK have difficulty paying the bills and credit, roughly a little more than a third of the entire population. The reasons give are wage cuts/freeze, loss of jobs or now on part-time, late benefit payments, etc.. Unavoidable, accident or ideology? Well my vote goes firmly in the ideology box. It is all going well as the financial Mafia and the corporate cabal carry out "restructuring" which translates into creating a sweatshop Europe.
     I have been spouting that line since before 2008. The powers that be want an end to the "welfare" states of Europe, they consider them a hindrance to the efficient plundering by the financial Mafia. Unhindered speculation makes billions for the already very rich, but causes misery and deprivation for millions of ordinary people. However, that's the name of the game.
      At the end of May 2013, The European Research Group of  JP Morgan Chase, released a document entitled "The Euro Area Adjustment - About Half-Way There." This document calls for the overturning of the bourgeois democratic constitutions established in a series of European countries after the Second World War and the installation of authoritarian regimes.
     The paper goes on to argue that financial measures are necessary to ensure that major "investment houses" (members of the financial Mafia) such as JP Morgan Chase can continue to reap massive profits from their speculative activities in Europe. They also maintain that it is necessary to impose political reforms aimed at suppressing opposition to the unpopular austerity measures being carried out at the behest of the banks.
      Well there you have it, no need to take the word of an angry old wrinkly anarchist, the lords of the universe have spoken.

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