Tuesday, 13 August 2013


      This police brutality was in the United States of America, not in Spain as I previously stated. Correct information from arrezafe:
I apoligise for the misinformation.  

"I am not a descendant of slaves. 
I am descended from humans who were enslaved. "

Makota Valdina
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  1. Allow me a correction, my friend. This sad event has not happened in Spain, it has happened in the United States. Fortunately, here in Spain, repression has not yet reached the level of savagery that is practiced in the land of Disney.

  2. Do not worry my friend. Yours has been a corrected human mistake. The beating police gave to this man was not a mistake, was not human and it is uncorrectable.

  3. The only correction in the case of the police is to see them abolished.