Friday, 2 August 2013

Glasgow's Dirty Washing.

      A reminder of the Glasgow Green event this Saturday at 11:00am. Shame the council, hang out the city's dirty washing for all to see, a chance to make public the dodgy dealings of the cabal in the Kremlin in George Square. Come along, bring the family bring your own piece of dirty regarding the council.

Rotten To The Core? Glasgow City Council: the campaign for a Public Inquiry Paint a slogan on a sheet and make the City Fathers' malpractice the talk of the steamie!

*Glasgow City Council: 100 Promises - The Stories (scandals?) So Far.*

    Bette gives us the story so far. Glasgow City Council claim to have
enacted 30% of their 100 Promises. They are ignoring calls for them to
tell us which ones. Some things they have been up to however cannae be ignored.

*HANG OUT GLASGOW'S DIRTY LAUNDRY!  EVENT: Saturday, 11am, on the Green.*
By Glasgow Against-Atos

      Glasgow City Council has brought nothing but shame and dishonour to the City and its inhabitants. While portraying themselves as supporters of the Labour and Trade Union movement and champions of the working class, they have adopted the policies and corrupt practices of gangster capitalism.

     We condemn the dodgy dealings of Glasgow City Council who have
been involved in numerous scandals recently; from Steven Purcell’s  fall from grace over stories of drug taking in the City Chambers and concerns over his links with gangsters, - to Gordon Matheson’s antics and his part in the George Square fiasco.

     We condemn them for bulldozing the Accord Centre and their broken promise of a suitable replacement. We condemn them for the closure of Day Centres in Glasgow. We condemn the £500,000 pay out to Ronnie Saez Chief executive of G.E.R.A. - an “anti-poverty” charity!

    We condemn the dozens of other dirty deals they have been involved
with, and plan to hang out the Council’s dirty washing for all to see;
we want a proper Public Enquiry into the incompetent and possibly
criminal, mismanagement of the affairs of the Citizens of Glasgow.

     Join us to expose this corrupt council once and for all at the
People’s Palace Glasgow Green on Saturday 3rd August at 11.00am.
  — with Glasgow Against-Atos

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  1. "The hen is the artifice by which the egg perpetuates himself" This is what humorous says Umberto Eco
    With the same sense of humor we could apply it to politicians: "People are the artifice by which the politician remains in power".